Starting Your Search for a Wedding Venue

Starting Your Search for a Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues in St. Louis


When you begin planning your wedding, the very first thing that needs to be determined is the venue.   Everything else bounces off that date and the “look” of that reception site.  And it represents generally over 50% of the entire budget.  Here are three basic things that you need to ask before booking your venue.  Reviewing just these three things will keep you on track:

Location – Just like buying a house, location is key.  Is it close to the ceremony site, is it within driving distance, or is it too far to travel?  And check out parking – especially downtown.  Is the venue in a safe and comfortable location?  Is there enough complimentary parking?  Will guests feel uncomfortable having to leave this area late at night?

Size – Can this venue COMFORTABLY accommodate the size of your guest list and wedding party?

What’s included – Here’s the hardest part of comparing one to another – what’s included?  Assume nothing.  Do they have extra hidden charges, like charges for cutting the cake?  Are tips and gratitudes included in the price quoted?   Do they provide audio systems for toasts and speeches?   Is there a charge for break down and cleaning?  Do they include tables/chairs/linens and centerpieces.  When can you get in to beginning decorating – and are there restrictions?

Choosing the right venue can be overwhelming, but start with these three concepts and the job will be easier.