A. Casa

Celebrate with an intimate group, so you can go all out on a really great foodie experience for your dinner. Celebrate with an intimate group because you can do cool mini dance floors and those over-the-top florals you’ve always wanted because you are not spending money on 250 to 300 people; you are spending your budget based on 50 to 80, and then you can really make that experience one that they will never forget.

It’s not one big open space. It’s actually compartmentalized like a Lafayette Square home. You walk in, and there’s a designated living room. You walk in, and there is a designated dining room. The veranda opens up to our courtyard with an 18-foot glass garage door. So the spaces are all very separate, and there is something unique in the look and feel of each space, but what is really interesting is that they all work together really well.

A.casa opened in January 2020, but, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, temporarily closed and reopened in June while continuing to abide by city COVID-19 regulations. Currently, events range from 12 to 50 people in attendance, whereas once full capacity is allowed again, it will be approximately 80 for weddings and 140 for cocktail parties

OVERALL Price Range of Venue
$$$ Moderate

Venue Style

Number of Guests:
50 - 80


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